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  • Hi Everyone, and Welcome to Northeastern…

    October 10, 2019 by

    and I’m a second-year Political Science and Business major with a minor in International Affairs from Wenonah, New Jersey! Anybody else here from New Jersey? No? Always worth asking. Anyway, a little more about me before we get started… — Tom’s tour introduction. Hellooooo future Huskies! My name is Tom, and I’m happy you’re here… Read more

  • 5 Things Co-op Class Won't Teach You

    February 11, 2020 by

    Here’s the thing: It’s been several (3? 4? Time is an illusion) weeks of co-op now, and I’m still sometimes filled with that low-level anxiety that accompanies the co-op search. Why? Because here at Northeastern, if you’re not on co-op, thousands of other people are; and if you are on co-op, then another host of… Read more

  • Mentorship

    January 31, 2020 by

    Here in D.C. (and in a bunch of other locations, from London to Silicon Valley), Northeastern not only has campuses, but mentorship networks available for students on co-op. These networks allow students to develop connections and networks in whatever place they’re on co-op, allowing them to make at least one connection, one friend, or one… Read more

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  1. shreyajag · 29 Days Ago

    Hi Tom!

    I hope 2020 is off to a great start for you! My name is Shreya and I am a recently deferred applicant to Northeastern—my top choice—and I found your blog when I was looking for more info about Northeastern and realized we have a lot in common: we are both from Jersey (yay bagels!), similar professional aspirations, and I’m also a camp counselor at Homefront Mercer day camp in Lawrenceville and love kids. I applied as a Business and Political Science major and I was wondering if I could take five minutes of your time to learn more about the major and why you chose Northeastern and unique aspects of the school, so that I can better refine my application in the regular decision admissions process. One of my favorite things about Northeastern is the ability to have a variety of interests and extracurriculars, outside of your major. I hope to update Northeastern on my interests, accomplishments, and embodiment of Northeastern’s values, and a quick conversation with you would really help me achieve my goal of being accepted to Northeastern.

    I know you are incredibly busy, and I really value your time. Thanks so much for considering my request. Have a wonderful day.

    Shreya Jagadeesh

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tom Murtha · 29 Days Ago

      hi!! omg you are the first person to comment (or even interact if i’m being honest) with my blog : ) i would of course love to talk to you about any of these things! my email is murtha.t@husky.neu.edu, please feel free to reach out there!! i look forward to talking to you!


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